Pay day loans are the quickest and easiest loans though they may carry high interest rates they are easy to process and can be obtained with in 24 hours. There fore they become very important to solving emergency financial obligations. Direct pay day lenders give these loans a meaning by reducing on the costs of processing and providing them immediately since they are the real owners of the money as compared to when you would pass through a broker who some times make the loan more expensive by adding some more costs to cater for them selves.

How ever it may be challenging to find a good direct pay day lender without passing through brokers. This makes the brokers needed since for them they filter and know the good lenders and usually provide the information about companies at a cost. This adds on the cost of the loan. There fore if you are sure of direct lenders you may not need to go through brokers how ever when you are not sure, you may need the services if brokers.


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