No fax payday loans direct lenders are easily available online and these loans are to help you when you are in need of instant funds to pay off urgent debts. Under these loans, you will be able to get a quick payday loans without any fuss within 24 hours.

These loans are specially to meet small requirements which demand a fast payment within a very limited timeline. You can use the loan fund to pay off any emergency cash needs. By providing little information about your social security, job, income and checking account, you will get the loan approved within few minutes and the loan fund will be transferred to your checking account within 24 hours after the loan approval notification. However, you need to take utmost care while dealing with such loans as they carry high rates and fees. If you do not pay the loan on time, these rates will be compounded and you will find the loan very expensive. It is advised to limit the loan amount to your needs only and to shop for the cheapest rate online so that you can save a bit from the borrowings.

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