Cash Advance lenders help customers in times of urgency. Unforeseen expenses always and almost crop up in the most inappropriate time. It always comes in the form of a car accident or a sudden visit to the doctor by one of the family member etc. In order to meet such small cash loan, applying for a traditional loan is out of question. These lenders offer emergency cash to customers in the shortest possible time without any major paper work. The processing and the approval are done in no time as there is no credit check. It also implies that even people with a bad credit history can apply through such lenders. The only collateral required for the loan approval is your income and employment. Loan amount may vary from $100 to $1500 which has to be repaid from the next pay check of the customer. Such lenders do not disturb the customer by wanting them to fax copies of important documents for the loan approval. They seem to be the best friends in times of emergency.   

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